Bus Bar Trunking System


Dana is having one of the best teams for Bus Bar System. In the bus bar system, the electric current is conducted by the bus bars without requiring electrical cables. The external casings of the bus bar systems are made of aluminum materials in order to prevent rusting with the corrosive effects and ground faults even years later. We are the exclusive agent for Gersan Busbar Trunking System (400V / 1000V, 25A to 6000A, CLASS F, IP 55/ 65/67 /68

Gersan manufactures Low Voltage Busbar Trunking System with current rating range from 25A-6000A according to IEC61439-6, IEC 60439-2, IEC 60529 Standard. Gersan offers complete tinned copper conductor with aluminum housing covered with elocsal (NON corrosive and painting not needed). Gersan Busbar Trunking is classified in series GNL (25-40A), GL (40-160A), GGD (160-1000A), GS Super Compact (500-6000A). The insulation material used in Gersan Busbar is MYLAR (Class F) or RODINO 50(Class H). Thermal indicator is provided in the housing. The stress bolt (one screw and bevel type washer) with color coding is provided for jointing hence maximum torque is achieved by changing the color on the bolt head from Red (Initial Torque) to Black (Final Torque). Gersan Busbar Trunking system is ASTA & LOVAG type test Certied. Gersan Busbar Trunking System allows easy installation, long and economic life guarantee, mechanical and thermal stability, Easy plug out option. Gersan has its own application software for Designing & Preparing the Isometric drawings which is user friendly to the customers.