Chairman’s Message


In the face of global competition and ever-changing market scenario, UAE has always performed in the world. Rising from mere oil-generated wealthy country, UAE has made achievements in all domains and has made largest progress ever seen in world. Visionary leaders, planning and keen interest in all undertakings and accomplishing goals along with serving citizens has made UAE one of the hot market zones for investors and budding entrepreneurs globally. Now winning EXPO 2020 has proved everything that is said above and we stand on solid ground and have strong presence in world. As we gear up for the future, we are ready for forthcoming challenges. We encourage our workforce to build a highly skilled and creative R&D team providing them state-of-the-art infrastructure to develop our key factors of innovation and enhancement that will enable us to withstand the changing dynamics of business.

Our manufacturing capabilities boast of technical prowess, high quality production and cost effectiveness. Our well monitored marketing and distribution network is aimed at attaining brand equity among our vast customer base. As well-recognized market presence with a strong product portfolio marked up with newer brands is the result of continued support and loyalty of our consumers. We are committed to transform dreams and accomplish goals of many along with ours for a brilliant future. We endeavor for success with safety. We strive towards success of DANA and UAE together. We commit ourselves not to become complacent by progress we make and continue to drive our company and team with passion and vision combined. DANA is working for your bright and safe future.