Medium Voltage System


The MV Division of Dana is one stop window for MV Substation work. Equipped with highly qualified professionals with vast experience in their eld. We provide solutions and services in the following elds:

  • Design the Switchgear as per utility requirement
  • System study & Design (Relay setting Calculations and Short Circuit study)
  • Utilities approval
  • Supply of MV Switchgear, transformer, DC system, Termination Kits, Cables, etc.
  • Installation works
  • Cables laying and termination
  • DMS and RTU Panels
  • Equipments Testing and commissioning

Apart from the same, Dana MV Services team can provide Refurbishment and retrotting solutions. Dana MV Division believes in partnering the customer during complete life cycle of the equipment, i.e. right from Installation, to periodic Maintenance to nal decommissioning of equipment. AMC contracts and troubleshooting of installed equipments are other services ordered by the team. Further all test equipments for carrying out the above mentioned work are available including the ETAP software on which various studies are conducted. Products of MV System:

  • Medium Voltage Switchgear AIS
  • DC system
  • Distribution & Power Transformer
  • Ring Main Units
  • HV Cables
  • Cable Terminations